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english.stackexchange defines the love of cinema as cinephilia and, therefore, as moviegoers and moviegoers to people who love this art.
If we rely on this definition, we can say – surely – that Enrique Romero is a tenacious movie buff.

In this blog you will find, mainly, information and news related to the world of cinematography and the series and films transmitted through Netflix: the American entertainment company whose main service is the distribution of audiovisual content by VOD (video on demand) and streaming.

The history of cinema began in Paris, France, on December 28, 1895. That day, the brothers Auguste and Louis Lumiere made the first silent film screening open to the public. From then on, the film industry has grown and evolved enormously, from the incorporation of technological aspects – such as sound and color in films – to the development of large film studios in exclusive populations, such as Hollywood and Bollywood.

In more recent times, television series have captured the interest of many followers; so much so that, by analogy with the term cinephile, seriefile neologism has been created to designate people who are fond of this type of audiovisual works.

This boom is due, in part, to the services offered by the Netflix company, whose catalog of series and films covers different film genres: horror, suspense, science fiction, comedy and children, among others.

Enrique Romero accompanies you to deepen these issues and more. If you want to know what the next premiere movies, TV series or Netflix movies based on books or get to know curiosities like which is the most watched TV series in the world, you came to the right place.

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