Live Action ‘One Piece’ Series is Coming to Netflix

Live Action One Piece Series is Coming to Netflix 850x478 - Live Action 'One Piece' Series is Coming to Netflix

Live Action One Piece Series is Coming to Netflix - Live Action 'One Piece' Series is Coming to Netflix

Rejoice fellow One Piece fans, a live-action adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s beloved manga is coming to Netflix! A total of ten episodes have been ordered so far and will be produced by the same studio, Tomorrow Studios, who are currently working on the upcoming Netflix Cowboy Bebop adaptation.  

As franchises go, One Piece is one of the most beloved and well-recognized manga series of all time. Since making its debut on July 22nd, 1997 in an issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump, 969 chapters of the manga have been published, along with 95 volumes and still counting!

One Piece is also recognized as the highest-selling manga of all time, outselling the likes of Dragon Ball, Golgo 13, and Naruto with over 462 million copies sold. This also makes One Piece one of the highest-grossing fictional franchises of all time, generated over $21 billion in revenue across its multiple mangas, films, video games and various other pieces of merchandise.

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What is the story of One Piece?

The story of One-Piece takes place on an alternate version of Earth, and one that is currently in the midst of the ‘Golden Age of Pirates’. Ruthless cut-throat pirates rule the seas, and only the strongest have the chance to lay claim to the mythical treasure known as ‘One Piece’ that was left behind by the greatest pirate of them all Gol D. Roger. Years after the death of Gol D. Roger, a young boy by the name of Monkey D. Luffy has dreams of raising his own crew, finding One Piece and declaring himself as Pirate King.

After eating a devil fruit that grants Luffy the power to make his body like rubber, it gives him enormous strength and agility. When Luffy finally comes of age, he sets sail from Foosha Village in East Blue and sets upon his grand adventure to become the next Pirate King.

svg%3E - Live Action 'One Piece' Series is Coming to Netflix

A young Luffy eats the Gum-Gum Fruit – Copyright. Toei Animation

When is the live-action One Piece series coming to Netflix?

It’s far too early to know a release date, but at the earliest, we could see the live-action One Piece series in 2021.

As the series has only been confirmed, it’ll take time before details such as cast, crew and filming dates are revealed.

Could we see more than one season?

There is an immense amount of source material that can be covered in a live-action adaptation. In the anime, the episode count currently stands at 909, there’s no chance that the live-action adaptation will have that number of episodes. If further seasons are expected in the future we can expect to see plenty of filler glossed over, and the story of the arcs cut up.

While the idea of cutting up any of the One Piece stories may be blasphemous, how in the world can a live-action series cover 95 volumes of manga in only a few seasons? Each season may cover the respective ‘Saga’ which has a select number of story arcs.

The first season of the live-action adaptation will cover the recruitment of Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji and end with Luffy’s fight against Arlong.

Other Live-Action adaptations on Netflix

One Piece isn’t the first live-action anime adaptation, and certainly won’t be the last. At the time of writing Netflix is currently working on the live-action Cowboy Bebop series and The Last Airbender.

More live-action adaptations on Netflix are:

Are you looking forward to watching a live-action One Piece series on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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